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100% Sustainable
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Scalable & Viable

Growing the
Future of Colour



No Chemicals

No Toxins

Cruelty Free

Introducing the next generation of 100% sustainable dyes that are safe for the environment and humans.

Lite-1 biofabricates clean microbial dyes. Our solution offers a closed circular system capable of diverting waste from the landfills. We give value to materials otherwise seen as worthless while future proofing our colourful world.

Our unique platform biotechnology allows industry to prototype different variations of microbial dyes that meet their needs  in a plug and play solution.

Our pigments provide a readily available alternative source of non-toxic colour that is rapidly reproducible, highly scalable and grown in a circular process.

Our platform biotech offers customized colourant products to any industry that uses colorants in their manufacturing processes such as ink, paint, pharma, finishes, cleaning products, food and more.